Are Topical Anti-Oxidants a Gimmick?

Antioxidants are sometimes a hard buy for patients. After all, why buy a product that doesn’t correct anything, right? Wrong. When it comes to skincare we are hardwired to think “correction” rather than “prevention”. It’s hard to put your money somewhere that you can’t see improvement.  

Free Radicals

The environment is filled with free-radicals which are constantly attacking our bodies. They come from sources such as UV radiation from the sun or tanning beds, certain foods and alcohol we consume, pesticides, pollution, and cigarette smoke.  Damage caused by these free-radicals is responsible for aging skin, wrinkles, hyperpigmentation, and worst of all, skin cancer.

Topical Antioxidants

Using a topical antioxidant protects the skin from those dangerous free-radicals by inactivating them before they have the chance to damage the skin’s cells. Think of it like adding lemon juice to your apples to keep them from browning or adding lime juice to your guacamole. The lemon and lime juice contain antioxidants that protect the apple and guacamole from free-radical damage just like a topical antioxidant protects our skin.

While there are many different topical antioxidants available, we recommend ZO’s Illuminating AOX serum, which works all day to combat oxidative damage, and prevent further sun-induced damage.  It contains medical-grade strength ingredients, meaning it contains the highest percentage of active ingredients especially when compared to over-the-counter products.

ZO’s Illuminating AOX serum contains proprietary ingredients such as ZOX12, ZO-RRS2, ZPOLY, and specialized enzymes to name a few.  ZOX12 and ZO-RRS2 provide the first line of defense by neutralizing oxidative stress and calming visible redness. ZPOLY supports the skin barrier by strengthening it and infusing the skin with extended hydration. Other specialized enzymes support natural cellular repair to ensure optimum skin health.

You might be wondering why you would use a topical antioxidant over an oral antioxidant.  While both are great options that have proven effects, oral antioxidants provide a more generalized effect that is not necessarily targeted at the skin.  The results are more slow, steady and subtle.  Topical antioxidants offer a localized treatment, targeting and protecting your skin from free-radicals. 

Still not convinced? There are actually many independent research studies that have tested and proven the efficacy of topical antioxidants.  Furthermore, the results can be enhanced by combining the use of a topical anti-oxidant with a good skincare regimen, or IPL laser treatments.  For more information on IPL laser treatments and what they can do for your skin visit our previous blog post, SKIN REJUVENATION.

If you’d like to learn more about  how to enhance your skin by combining a skincare regimen, with the benefits of IPL laser treatments call us at 708 524 1400 to schedule your consultation today!

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