Silagen: Our Chosen Product to Address Scarring

document_20_4_346All surgical procedures produce a scar, but a plastic surgeon is specially trained on techniques to optimize the appearance of scars.  Each patient will heal their scar differently and scars on different parts of the body may heal differently as well.

There are several ways in which a patient can maximize their chance of having a good scar.  First, a scar will fade better if it is protected from the sun during the healing process.  Dr. Peters recommends that patients cover their scars with clothing or sunscreen (SPF 15 or higher) for at least a year after surgery.  Massage can also be useful in helping a scar soften and flatten after surgery.  This can begin after the initial healing process is complete (typically 2-4 weeks after surgery, but Dr. Peters can advise patients individually about when they should begin massage).

Although there are many products advertised that claim to improve the appearance of scars, independent research studies that support those claims are lacking.  Silicone products, however, have been shown in independent research studies to reduce the likelihood of abnormal scar formation and to provide the optimal environment for aesthetic scar outcome.  Dr. Peters recommends the use of silicone gel products on scars, beginning as soon as sutures or steri-strips have been removed and continuing for 4 months after surgery.

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