Beauty Treatments You Can Safely Do at Home!

Beautiful African American Woman At Home Beauty

The Covid19 mandated stay at home orders, albeit necessary and so far, effective (lets continue to flatten the curve!), have left many of us “stranded” when it comes to our normal beauty routine.  You may have missed your scheduled Botox appointment, have had to push off your hair appointment, and have gone without that mani/pedi for weeks now.  You’ve probably seen tons of memes and videos about box hair dye and how to cut your hair, and while I will admit, the thought of trimming my own hair did cross my mind (I didn’t do it!), I wanted to share with you some beauty treatments you can be safely doing at home during this time!

Teeth Whitening

There are many teeth whitening kits out there to choose from, but if you are like me and have sensitive teeth, you might want to try Crest’s Gentle Whitening Kit, specifically formulated for teeth that are sensitive to whitening!

Teeth Straightening

You no longer need to go to an orthodontist to spend thousands of dollars on braces or Invisalign, especially if you have mildly crooked teeth like I did.  There are many companies out there now offering invisible aligners similar to Invisalign, at a fraction of the cost.  They are safe and effective, and you can see results in as little as 4 months!  I am currently using Smile Direct Club to straighten my teeth, and while I still have a month left to go, I am thrilled with my results so far!


Now is the time to step up your skincare routine and get used to a consistent regimen!  Whether you are interested in targeting hyperpigmentation and sun damage, anti-aging, or treating acne-prone skin, NeoStrata skincare has a line specifically formulated for your needs and skin!  Check their products out here , and schedule a complementary virtual consult with me for further recommendations!

Self Tanning

Lack of sun getting you down?  If you are like me and live in Chicago, chances are you’ve been inside pretty much this entire time.  While I recommend daily sunscreen use and avoiding unnecessary sun exposure on a regular basis, you may be feeling especially pale right now!  There are lots of great self tanners out there!   My favorite is Bondi Sands Self Tanning foam!  It’s easy to apply, smells like coconut and does not make you look like a carrot!  You can order it here, or pick it up at most drug stores!

Hair Treatments

As hard as it may be to see those gray hairs coming in and those ends splitting, leave the cutting and hair dyeing to the professionals!  Take this time to give your hair a break from unnecessary styling products and heat!  If you have specific hair concerns you want to address, there are many companies out there with hair care products specifically formulated to meet your needs.  One of my favorites is Leonor Greyl. Their products contain natural ingredients and are Paraben, silicone and cruelty free (among other things)!  I love their L’Huile de Leonor Greyl… it is a Pre-Shampoo Oil treatment for dry, over processed hair that smells AMAZING.  Check out their products here

Longer Lashes

If you’re a lash girl, who regularly gets lash extensions, you may really be suffering right now as they have all started to fall out.  Even if you’ve never had lash extensions, and want to grow your natural lashes, there are a few different options to get longer lashes at home!  My favorite is Latisse!  Keep in mind that it does require a prescription and takes around 6-8 weeks of consistent use to see results, so if you are interested, schedule a complementary virtual consult with me!  We can get your prescription sent over today! 

Softer Hands

All of this hand washing and sanitizing has left my hands extremely dry and I know I am not the only one!  There are a few different options you have to address dry hands, some of which you may already have available to you.  If you have Vaseline on hand, you can slather it on and put your hands inside a pair of gloves or socks you don’t care about for about 30 minutes.  They will come out softer than ever!  There are also many hand masks and treatments you can buy online or at drug stores.  Aveeno makes a nice, cheap Hand Mask with Oak and Shea Butter.  You can buy it here.

We are currently offering complementary cosmetic virtual consultations to meet all of your beauty needs!  Lauren Marion NP is available to virtually consult about Skincare, Latisse, Microneedling, Fillers, Botox and CoolSculpting!  If you have been thinking about plastic surgery procedures and whether you are a good candidate for surgery, Dr. Peters is also currently offering complementary cosmetic virtual consults!  Please give us a call at (708) 524-1400 to set up your appointments! 

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