Four Areas of the Body that Can Give Away Your Age that You Didn’t Know You Could Do Something About

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Many people usually think of aging only confined to the areas of the face, but in addition to aging in your face, your body also ages! There are non-surgical options that can be utilized to reverse the signs of aging not just on your face, but also on different areas of your body. Here are the four areas of the body that can give away your age that you didn’t know you could do something about:

1. Ears

As you age, your ears lose volume and leads to increased wrinkles and creases on our earlobes. Filler can be utilized to replace this volume deficit, and can actually give more support to your earrings so that they sit higher in your ears. Filler can be used to make your earlobes more youthful, in which a surgical procedure may not address or it could be a good alternative to surgery.

2. Hands

Our hands can significantly show our true age, and Dolly Parton is a good example! Some people believe she wears gloves that look like hands with fingernails so that she can hide her age. Maybe she’s on to something? As we age, our hands lose volume, specifically collagen and fat, which can make our veins and bones more visible. Filler can be used to increase the volume of the hands, making the skin appear healthier and ultimately younger.

Hyperpigmentation, or “age spots” as some call them are caused by years of exposure to the sun. People who are younger do not have any sun spots. IPL is a laser treatment that can reduce the number of dark spots on the hands and create a more even skin tone.

3. Neckbands/Neck Skin Laxity

Yep, you can guess it – we also lose volume and support in our neck, which can cause wrinkles on the neck and even loose skin. There are a few different types of treatments we can utilize in order to improve the appearance of our neck from non-invasive to invasive.

Non-invasive treatments include laser treatments, such as IPL for hyperpigmentation and those pesky “age spots”. Skin-tightening lasers helps with skin laxity issues, and other ablative and non-ablative lasers (like our very own 1540 laser) can stimulate collagen production in order to decrease the wrinkles on the neck.

More invasive procedure includes Botox and filler, but still with little downtime. Botox can be injected very superficially in order to smooth the skin and decrease neckbands, and is repeated every 3-4 months. Filler and other injectable biostimulators can be used to replace volume loss and thicken the skin. Microneedling is another procedure that can be used to produce collagen and thicken the skin. Microneedling uses tiny needles to create a controlled injury in the skin, which forces the skin to heal itself and produce new, healthy skin.

4. Chest

Similar to the hands, which over time have a lot of sun exposure, the chest often develops a lot of sun exposure as well. This can lead to dark spots, which are treated with IPL, just like the hands.

Sometimes sleeping on our sides or volume loss due to aging can cause wrinkles on our chest. Botox, injected superficially, can be used to smooth out mild wrinkles on the skin. Fillers and other biostimulators can also be injected to replace the volume loss in our chest as well.

Similar to microneedling for the neck, you can also microneedle your chest in order to create new, healthy skin and decrease the wrinkles.

Contact Lisa J. Peters, MD about any of these areas of the body that can give away your age that you didn’t know you could do something about today!

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